CEO John Chambers on Cisco and Networking

With 130 acquisitions under its belt and a brisk-pace of development, Cisco’s reach extends from the consumer to service provider networks. This article offers a brief interview with Cisco CEO John Chambers.

“First, let’s deal very much with proprietary. We are an open standard company, period. The Internet is open, any device to any content. When we moved into telepresence, we got huge market share on the high end. Sixty-four percent. Yet, we made it an open standard. We made it an industry standard available to others, not just for a Tandberg-type of interface, but anybody who wanted it. All of our base is off an open, standard net – the Internet. We don’t have a proprietary operating system that only operates in our products. The Internet, any device can interface to it. And we want it to. First, it allows us to move in markets faster. Secondly, customers are protected. They don’t lock in to a device operating system, a device or in the data center.”

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