CERN Selects HP Networking Solutions

Faced with the explosion of information and data analysis, CERN turned to HP to improve its network infrastructure. TMC Net reports that the large, respected center for scientific research includes more than 10,000 scientists and engineers who need to share large amounts of data quickly and securely with other researchers at CERN and around the world. HP networking solutions was chosen to further improve CERN’s network infrastructure performance, reliability and security to support its ground-breaking discoveries.

“’We needed a reliable, secure and proven network infrastructure that could support IPv6 for faster communications and multicast capabilities for new applications,’ said Jean-Michel Jouanigot, group leader, Communication Systems, IT Department, CERN. ‘HP provided us with a five-year roadmap that clearly met our criteria and growth objectives. They are a strong partner and share our dedication to developing advanced technology through long-term research and development efforts.’”

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