Check Point Announces Multi-Domain Management Software Blades

Check Point Software has recently announced its new Multi-Domain Management software blades – Global Policy and Security Domain – that deliver virtual security management to businesses of all sizes. According to this news release on Newswire Today, the new software blades enable businesses to segment their security management into virtual domains while consolidating their hardware infrastructure.

“To handle the increasing security complexity of their environment, IT administrators can now simplify management by segmenting security into virtual domains based on location, business unit or security function. The Multi-Domain Management software blades, based on proven Provider-1 technology, help administrators consolidate their security management while simultaneously preserving the independence of each domain. For example, businesses can centralize the configuration and management of their firewall, VPN, IPS and other security protections across domains while maintaining separation of duties across each security function with a granular role-based administration. In addition, through the Global Policy Software Blade, administrators can achieve better and stronger security by enforcing a common security baseline and sharing a common network topology across multiple domains.”

Read the Full Story at Newswire Today

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