China Cracks Down on Internet Crime

Online obscenity and pornography, gambling, fraud, hacking attacks, the sale of illegal products and copyright violation in China have prompted China’s top law enforcement and judicial authorities to work together on drafting a judicial interpretation to enable a tougher crackdown on Internet issues. As reported on China, at one time eighty percent of computers connected to the Internet in China was controlled by botnets (malicious software) and Internet crime has become integrated and coalesced into chains of interests, with different groups assuming responsibility for different tasks.

“Li Jiaming, head of the China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Center, said 1.64 million complaints have been received since June 2006 and the number continues to grow rapidly.
‘The public is most concerned about online pornography and fraud,’ Li said. ‘Pornography accounts for 48.5 percent of the complaints received and 32.6 percent are about fraud.
‘The other 18.9 percent of complaints are mainly about the online infringement of copyright and viruses.’
The invasion and destruction of computer information systems have been included in China’s Criminal Law.”

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