Cisco CRS-3 Core Router Blade Announced

Recognizing that much of the traffic flowing through core service provider networks does not need to be carried on a full blown router, Cisco Systems has announced a new blade for its CRS-3 core router, according to Connected Planet Online. Supporting packet transport, a form of label switching suitable for point-to-point connections, the new blade builds upon optical delivery mechanisms, but unlike OTN, it takes advantage of packet-based transport and supports statistical multiplexing.

“’The applications that are growing the fastest are multipoint–and they have the highest margins,’ Liu said.
Both the CRS-3 and Juniper’s T1600 core router can support speeds as great as 100 Gb/s (CP: Nokia Siemens, Juniper test 100G OTN router links). But only Cisco’s offering supports an industry-standard approach to 100 Gig E, said Liu.
‘Juniper’s implementation is two-by-50,’ Liu said. Juniper uses two serial data streams that create non-standard sequencing and reconstruction requirements, he said.”

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