Cisco Guides the Enterprise Shift From IPv4 to IPv6 With New Offerings

In an effort to address the unique challenges the enterprise shift from IPv4 to IPv6 presents, Cisco has announced new products and services. As Continuity Central reports, these new offerings arrive at a time when many organizations are in the midst of IPv6 planning and network transitions, and include a broad portfolio of switches, routers and security devices that have passed both international IPv6 testing as well as US government testing (USGv6 compliance).

“The Cisco Network Optimization Service helps customers manage network health and prepare their networks for new technologies and borderless business innovation. This service now features smart analytics capabilities that provide graphic diagnostic insight into the network as well as a new IPv6 device-readiness assessment that helps automate IPv6 adoption. Together, these smart services help customers optimize network health during and after the transition from IPv4 to IPv6.”

Read the Full Story at Continuity Central

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