Cisco Offers WLAN Interference Management Tools

Cisco’s new series of wireless access points come with built-in interference monitoring technology. As noted in this Channel Web story, The products, dubbed Aironet 3500 Series Access Points, are the latest releases around Cisco’s Borderless Networks architecture.

“The 3500 Series APs include CleanAir, a Cisco-patented application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) that detects and identifies sources of wireless interference, then adjusts the APs to overcome them. According to Cisco, CleanAir can pick out up to 20 unique interference sources, including everything from microwave ovens and XBox controllers to video cameras and Bluetooth devices.

“The goal, said Cisco, is to provide customers with better network management for their WLANs and also help overcome interference in a fraction of the time most WLAN troubleshooting takes. CleanAir capabilities will also be found in the recent version 7.0 release of Cisco’s Unified Wireless Network software.”

Read the Full Story at Channel Web

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