Cisco VideoStream Optimizes Video over WLAN

Cisco has extended its Cisco Unified Wireless Network to include VideoStream, a set of features that optimizes multimedia performance. According to an InformationWeek report, the Rochester Institute of Technology is using VideoStream to provide advanced features tailored for the university’s 1,100 deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

“The company said VideoStream moves video over wireless networks while enforcing video priority levels and resource reservation control. The approach ensures existing wireless media sessions while additional wireless video streams are added to the network.

“Chris Kozup, senior manager for Cisco’s Mobility Solutions unit, noted that the power of VideoStream and its associated features enable deaf and hard-of-hearing students at RIT’s National Institute for the Deaf College to follow classroom presentations, enabling the students to participate more directly in classroom experiences. For instance, because of the high quality video, the students can lip-read more effectively. In addition, students using laptops and other devices to access the VideoStream-based application are able to access video relay and transcription services to view close-captioned lectures, visual signing, and transcription services in real-time.”

Read the Full Story at InformationWeek

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