Citrix Launches New NetScaler Appliances

Citrix Systems, Inc. has announced the availability of three new ultra high-performance NetScaler MPX appliances. The new NetScaler MPX 17500, 19500 and 21500 leverage the power of the recently released Intel Xeon processor 5680 series technology for better scalability, functionality and performance. As
stated in the company’s product release announcement, the new NetScaler MPX models make virtual datacenters a reality by simultaneously providing application acceleration, intelligent traffic management, and security.

“The new NetScaler MPX models uniquely scale from 20-to-35-to-50 Gbps performance – all on the same physical appliance, requiring no forklift upgrade. As with all NetScaler solutions, these new MPX appliances support all NetScaler features, including L4-7 local and global load balancing, content caching, data compression, SSL VPN, Web 2.0 server offload, and advanced application firewall security. In addition, these new solutions allow an organization to increase performance with a simple license upgrade under the company’s popular ‘Pay-as-You-Grow’ program. NetScaler customers can quickly boost performance by up to 2.5X as their datacenter traffic increases.”

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