Clearwire LTE Network Exceeds 90 MBit/Sec

Clearwire officials conducted specialized tests and discovered its trial LTE network exceeded 90 MBit/sec, according to an article on Computer World. The company claims this is ten times faster then the current average speed, and in real world applications 20 to 70 Mbit/sec should be average. This enhanced speed could intensify both high quality wireless videoconferencing and augmented reality.

“The trial speed of 91.3 Mbit/sec in the Phoenix trial was conducted in what Clearwire called a special way of using LTE, or 2xLTE, running in two parallel channels of 20 MHz each over the 2.5 GHz band. It has also conducted tests with what it calls 1xLTE, using two 10 MHz channels running in parallel.
While the downlink over 2xLTE exceeded 90 Mbit/sec, the uplink in the tests exceeded 30 Mbit/sec, Clearwire said.
The trial used client radio cards sold commercially by Samsung and used in Norway today for speeds of 50 to 70 Mbit/sec., said Mike Sievert, Clearwire’s chief commercial officer. Devices that can handle such speeds are rare in the U.S. today.
Still, the trial speeds are ‘exciting news,’ Sievert said. ‘What you have here is something massively different than anything that’s come before.'”

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