Clearwire Upgrades Its Network Management System

In an article on Fierce Wireless, it is reported that Clearwire (CLWR) enhanced its network management system to make it more dynamic and selective, including the option of limiting, or throttling, the speed for certain high-usage customers. A small portion of of Clearwire’s customer base is considered heavy users and they consume almost ten times the amount of data as the average user. The limiting of this portion of the customer base will only occur during times of high network usage.

“Just last March, Clearwire’s Chief Commercial Officer Mike Sievert touted the fact that Clearwire’s subscribers were burning through around 7 GB of data per month. Sievert said those high-bandwidth customers weren’t an issue because Clearwire, which owns up to 150 MHz of spectrum in some markets, was in a great spectrum position to deliver that type of bandwidth.
Clearwire certainly isn’t the only operator that can throttle data speeds during times of high use on the network. T-Mobile USA has admitted to throttling customers if they exceed a data cap of 5 GB. Meanwhile, Sprint Nextel (NASDAQ:S) has said it will not throttle data speeds on its network.”

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