Cloud NAS Startup ParaScale Downsizes

ParaScale, a cloud network-attached storage (NAS) startup has reportedly failed to secure a round of B-series funding. According to this report on The Register, the company says it has had a lot of interest from both enterprise and service providers and have sold product into both environments.

“The Register story about ParaScale this week raised questions about the logic of running applications on the storage nodes of a ParaScale cluster.

“‘NAS does NOT allow you to run applications directly on the data (locally) and requires shuttling of data across the network from NAS to compute servers,’ Bahar explained. ‘NAS is a closed storage appliance.’

“‘Think of Hadoop and MapReduce applications to understand the benefits of a scale-out reliable storage platform that allows applications to run locally, providing significant performance boost to data mining and other data intensive applications such as video analytics/etc.'”

Read the Full Story at The Register

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