Consolidating Network Security

In an effort to reduce data center management overhead and power consumption, enterprises are looking to consolidate network security infrastructure. Accordingly, vendors are adjusting their
offerings with a range of choices from integrated security on network infrastructure components to multi-vendor software on an open chassis.
According to this Tech target report, this multi-vendor approach is tricky,
however, since many network security infrastructure vendors offer their products
as closed platform hardware appliances.

“The multi-vendor approach made possible with third-party hardware like Crossbeam’s has suited Isenberg at Fiserv.
‘Crossbeam allows us to select best-of-breed security products and run them on the same box. If we need an intrusion prevention blade, we can load up an [IBM Security Network IPS]. We can
load up Sourcefire and put that on a blade next to it. We can put a web application firewall and a database firewall from Imperva on another blade.'”

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