Content Providers Consider Shared IPv6 User List

As the push to move towards IPv6 gains momentum, Google, Yahoo, Netflix, Microsoft, and other leading Web content providers are considering a shared list of customers who can access their Web sites via IPv6. As noted in this Network World article, content providers would use this shared DNS Whitelist to serve up content to these IP addresses via IPv6 rather than through IPv4.

“The shared DNS Whitelist for IPv6 is a controversial proposal, with content providers saying it is the only viable option for offering IPv6 services today, and ISPs worrying that maintaining the whitelist will be an administrative burden in the future.

“The idea of creating a shared DNS Whitelist for IPv6 was discussed at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting held here this week. The IETF is the standards body responsible for IPv6 and IPv4.”

Read the Full Story at Network World

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