Core Announces Enterprise Security Test Beta

Core Security Technologies is looking to find
enterprise organizations to test its new product, Core Insight Enterprise. As mentioned in this report on Search Security, Core Insight Enterprise is an on-premise appliance that automates the processes involved with checking whether key applications, servers and devices are susceptible to known, real-world

“Kim Legelis, Core’s vice president of marketing, said the product works by initially scanning the network, and then security administrators use the results to define which network assets are ‘critical’ or require validation of their security posture.

“From there, Insight Enterprise can execute what the vendor refers to as campaigns, or customizable automated tests that seek to determine whether a customer’s systems are vulnerable to attack using actual known exploits, not simulations or modeling. What makes the product unique, Legelis said, is should it discover a vulnerability, it can be configured to act as an attacker would by automatically running secondary exploits against the initial one to try to attempt to compromise additional systems.”

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