CPCNet Enhances Enterprise Managed Security Services

CPCNet, a communications and security solutions partner in the Asia Pacific region has announced that it is enhancing its managed security services for enterprises. According to the company in this PR.net news release, the new solutions address enterprise web access needs arising from fast growing adoption of Web 2.0 applications, and scalability challenges resulting from expansion and globalization.

“While traditional web proxies sequentially perform inspections — introducing latency, the TrustCSI Web Cloud Security solution uses Single Scan Multi-Action (SSMA) technology, enabling one scan for actions including anti-virus, URL filtering, botnets, data leakage detection, bandwidth and Web 2.0 control.
'With CPCNet’s high availability data center as the gateway in Hong Kong, the solution ensures reliable re-routing process and slashes full inspection latency by 70-80%, without sacrificing security,' said Kwong. The solution protects against known and zero-day viruses, and can control global and external web traffic, including access from mobile devices.”

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