CPE Suppliers Take Leading Role in IPv6 Migration

According to a review of the report “Heavy Reading Insider” by PR USA, network operators are expecting suppliers of customer premises equipment (CPE) to take a leading role in making the transition a smooth one for their customers. The report reviews the options for managing the transition to IPv6, including the use of techniques to prolong the life of IPv4, and tunneling IPv6 traffic through IPv4 networks and vice versa. In addition it reviews the way that CPE vendors are building IPv6 capabilities into their equipment, and compares their approaches. Finally, it profiles eight of the leading vendors of IPv6-capable CPE.

“’Though IPv6 has existed for many years, it is only relatively recently that operators have begun preparing the ground for its widespread use,’ notes Danny Dicks, research analyst with Heavy Reading Insider and author of the report. ‘Interest in the IPv6 capabilities of CPE is rising rapidly as Internet service provider ideas about how to manage the v4-to-v6 transition become clearer, and standards bodies’ and industry forums’ CPE specifications become more widely promoted and adopted.’”

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