Cybera Launches Wireless IDS for Enterprise Retail

Designed for enterprise customers across a wide range of retail industries, Cybera has launched SECURE|WAVE, a wireless intrusion detection (IDS) service that identifies threats and vulnerabilities by analyzing wireless network traffic. According to Dark Reading, the solution also meets requirements for PCI-DSS compliance.

“Cybera’s SECURE|WAVE wireless IDS provides merchants with complete visibility over the wireless airspace, delivering the same standard of security for wireless networks as wired networks. Through real-time wireless scanning, Cybera monitors and alerts customers of potential security threats.

“The security as a service (SaaS) model greatly reduces the cost of deployment by eliminating the need for expensive equipment, network storage and reporting software. Through self-configuring remote sensors, the solution seamlessly integrates with any enterprise network based on internet or private access.

“Through continuous updates and application development, Cybera ensures its customers stay ahead of evolving security standards and defends against the latest threats. As new security services and features are added, the value of the overall solution multiplies without additional infrastructure spending.”

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