D-Link DIR-685 All-In-One WiFi-N Router

D-Link is shipping the an all-in-one home and small office network router that combines powerful 802.11n Wi-Fi connectivity with network attached storage (NAS), USB device-sharing, Internet content player, FTP server and Green technology. According to Benchmark Reviews, the network attached storage (NAS) feature supports both UPnP server functions and BitTorrentTM downloads with the ability to store up to one terabyte of data on a 2.5-inch SATA drive that mounts easily into the side of the DIR-685.

“The DIR-685 employs D-Link Green technology for conserving energy in several ways, including the ability to automatically recognize port activity and cable length and adjust power usage accordingly. It also can consolidate all functions into a single device instead of many separate products and use the idle mode to automatically turn off power to the LCD screen when not in use.

“A Wi-Fi Scheduler can be programmed to turn off the router’s Wi-Fi module at a pre-set time, and the power adapter complies with Energy Star specifications for average power savings of up to 30 percent. The same power-saving features located in the gigabit ports are also included in the NAS drive. Based on feedback from industry experts and pre-production reviews, noise from the internal fan used to cool the hard drive has been significantly reduced in the currently shipping products.”

Read the Full Story at Benchmark Reviews

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