Dax Launches New Ethernet Switches

Dax Networks has announced the launch of a range of L2 Managed Fast Ethernet Switches, the DX-509MG Series. According to this TMCnet story, the basic model DX-509MG series is designed for small networks where the number of users being connected will be minimum.

“DX-509MG series consists of eight 10/100 ports, eight RJ45 connectors and one Gigabit combo uplink port. They allow secure switching. The Security IP function embedded in DX-509MG series restricts unauthorized users from accessing and altering configurations. DX-509MG Series follows full Access Control List or ‘ACL’ policy.

“The switch also supports 802.1X authentication and RADIUS, which gives the ability to network securely. Maximum security of switch configuration is guaranteed through SSH protocol and HTTPS/SSL connection, company officials said”

Read the Full Story at TMCnet

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