Development Pushes IPv6 in China

China’s Zhang Tao, an analyst for Shanghai Securities says that although IPv4 is capable of supporting the computer and mobile phone users in China, there are not enough potential addresses to meet the greater demand of Internet of Things for the network. Heavy development of
Internet of Things (IoT) and the popularity of smart terminals are exhausting the IPv4 address stock. Istock Analyst
reports that Tao suggests developing IPv6 could be a necessary preparation for the future development of IoT, and Chinese telecom operators, China Telecom and China Mobile have started to pilot IPv6 in specific regions.

“According to Liu Hongjun, an analyst for Huachuang Securities, said the supply of IPv4 addresses becoming exhausted would accelerate IPv4 switching to IPv6, and urged telecom operators, companies, and government departments to change existing routers and Ethernet switches to new products supporting IPv6.”

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