Dot Hill Announces New Storage Networking Patents

Adding to its technology portfolio, Dot Hill Systems has announced the addition of two new patents.
According to this PR-USA news release, one of the recently granted patents improves reliability and usability for storage controllers and data storage systems. The second covers technology that helps improve the overall management experience for storage administrators.

“U.S. patent 7,743,224 ‘Method and apparatus for virtual load regions in storage system controllers’ provides a novel method for managing storage controller code, where two different versions of code are stored in storage controller memory. The code
identifiers designate which of the two code versions is to be a primary version, which the storage controller will initially attempt to boot.

“U.S. patent 7,743,138 ‘Method and apparatus for external event notification management over in-band and out-of-band networks in storage system controllers’ provides a method for notifying a user of events involving the data storage system. Storage controllers in the data storage system maintain subscription statistics for each user of the data storage system, where the subscription statistics describe which informational, error, and other events the user wishes to be notified of. The data storage system also keeps track of which events have already been reported to a requesting user, so that the same events are not reported to the same user multiple times.”

Read the Full News Release at PR-USA

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