DYXnet: A Popular Cross-Region IP VPN Service Provider

In a survey conducted by IDC, almost one-third of 100 companies in the Greater China region select DYXnet as its primary cross-region IP
VPN service provider. The IP VPN survey conducted by the IDC in February 2010, interviewed 100 enterprises with less than 500 office employees with IT decision-making responsibilities and operations in Greater China and found that DYXnet IP-based VPN services provide enterprises with high-quality, well managed private IP platforms in a more competitive price and reliability compared with other major service providers in the Greater China region.

“‘We are excited and overwhelmed by the results in the IDC’s survey. DYXnet’s mission is to reduce companies’ burden of owning and managing their own IT infrastructure, and enable them to concentrate on their core business, representing a key element to our tremendous success last year. In order to maintain our strong momentum in the increasing competitive market, it is imperative for us to further strengthen our existing network infrastructures and technologies and provide more valued-added services to consolidate our market position.’ said Lap Man, Founder and CEO of DYXnet. ‘Our outstanding performance proved that our strategy to tailor and refine our services is on the right track. DYXnet will continue to implement dedicated and innovative development strategies to bring customers the high-quality service that helps maximize their investment returns.'”

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