Enterprise IPV4 to IPv6 Migration

Enterprises are asking the kinds of questions service providers were asking five or six years ago. How soon will IPv4 address depletion impact my business? How should I begin planning for IPv6?
According to this report from the Rocky Mountain IPv6 Summit on Network World, the summit presentations indicated that there is still some important trailblazing to be done with IPv6, but enterprises have a concrete experience base from which to launch their deployment projects.

“But today, enterprise network operators have a few significant advantages over service provider operators of several years ago. One advantage, of course, is that IPv4 address depletion is an historical fact; if you are trying to make a case for IPv6 today, you do not have to deal with the naysayers that service providers often had to deal with. Anyone still questioning whether IPv4 addresses are an exhausted resource have lost touch with reality. Another obvious advantage is that IPv6 support in network products is further along. Vendor roadmaps play less of a role in modern deployment planning.”

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