Enterprise Readies Corporate Networks for Mobile Apps

This year organizations are looking to boost network security and invest in enterprise-class security controls in preparation for new mobile marketplaces. According to ZDNet, moving into 2010, enterprises will be looking to app marketplaces for a wider selection of mobile office apps, aided by the proliferation of smartphone devices.

“Enterprises are allowing teleworkers to remotely but securely access the corporate network. Businesses are also willing to provide employees with mobile devices and applications in order to give them more flexibility.

“With regard to procuring mobile apps from such stores, Verma said businesses can consider using apps from mobile stores. She explained that many mobile marketplaces are sources of unique business apps and cater to localized business needs. SMBs (small and mid-size businesses) may find such stores particularly useful if the companies have no resources to manage or provide
in-house mobile apps, she noted.”

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