Enterprise Storage Networking Virtualization

Storage virtualization, or storage networking virtualization, can improve the ability to move data into and out of storage resources to meet the demands of virtualized servers
and desktops. As noted in this IT Business Edge report, virtualization does not increase storage capacity, but merely provides more flexible access to what is already available.

“A new report from the Aberdeen Group highlights some of the benefits that come with storage virtualization. In a survey of more than 180 organizations worldwide, it found that improved SAN management and decreased complexity in overall storage networking were among the top advantages to going virtual. It also greatly increased the ability to deploy virtualization elsewhere in the enterprise and to foster even more ambitious goals, such as network convergence.

“And then there is the fact that storage virtualization comes in different flavors, meaning you’ll have to do some research to determine the approach that’s best for your legacy infrastructure and your goals. A good place to start is Rich Vanover’s overview on Datamation. Rich is the IT infrastructure manager for Alliance Data in Columbus, Ohio, and he runs through the various flavors quickly and with clear-cut diagrams. His overall take is that storage virtualization is not reserved for the very large. Smaller and mid-sized organizations can benefit as well.”

Read the Full “Better Networking Through Storage Virtualization” Story at IT Business Edge

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