Equipment Vendors Produce Native IPv6 Hardware

Sys Con presents an article by author John Savageau on the importance of taking IPv6 seriously. Savageau states that after years of promoting IPv6 – at least in marketing materials, equipment vendors are finally starting to produce hardware which can handle “Native IPv6” routing. He adds that Cisco/Linksys, NetGear, and Belkin are working to meet the needs of consumers and mobile phone vendors and applications providers for iPhones, Androids, and Windows are being forced to produce IPv6-ready products.

“The tools are finally starting to become available.Internet providers in Asia, Europe, and the Americas are finally putting IPv6 capability into their networks, and the topic is no longer responded to with amusement and indifference by network operators and administrators. But within the broad community of IT administrators, applications developers, private and government network providers – the actual IPv6-readiness factor is pretty low.”

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