Eurostor Offers Storage Area Networks With Blade Switches

BLADE Network has recently announced today that EUROstor, a European manufacturer of RAID systems and general storage solutions, will now offer Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions complete with BLADE’s RackSwitch G8124 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) top-of-rack solution. As noted in this Market Wire news release, this follows increased demand from EUROstor customers for iSCSI storage solutions which include 10GbE switching capabilities for ease of integration and high speed connectivity in data centre environments.

“EUROstor identified BLADE Network Technologies as the right partner due to its proven expertise and success in the 10GbE Ethernet market and the performance of its products during compatibility testing.

“‘With high performance Ethernet switches from BLADE Network Technologies we are able to offer complete iSCSI SANS, for both RAID and storage cluster solutions, all-inclusive of the required dedicated infrastructure and high speed server connectivity. The excellent technical support from BLADE played an important role in us choosing BLADE as a partner,’ explains Franz Bochtler, President of EUROstor.”

Read the Full Story at Market Wire

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