Expand Networks Launches ExpandView Virtual

Claiming ExpandView Virtual delivers 'application fluent network visibility' to optimize performance and bandwidth utilization, Expand Networks, in its most recent press release also says that ExpandView Virtual is an ideal solution for enterprises with a centralized data center environment.

“ExpandView Virtual is also well suited for telcos, managed service providers and cloud providers offering WAN optimization-as-a-service; grid computing solutions and cloud based services. With its powerful Virtual Customer Partitioning (VCP) capability, ExpandView Virtual enables services to scale easily; organizations are able to support as many Accelerators as required by running multiple instances of ExpandView Virtual. Enabling a virtual instance of ExpandView per customer on a single hardware platform decreases the dedicated hardware footprint, reduces cost and simplifies management for service providers.

“‘We continue to take an infrastructure agnostic approach to WAN optimization,’ explained Adam Davison, corporate VP sales & marketing at Expand. ‘As more and more organizations look to take advantage of virtualization technologies in delivering business agility, commercial growth and competitive advantage it is critical that we offer them a solution that is complementary with their infrastructure of choice. With our range of virtual and physical appliances, coupled with our newly launched ExpandView Virtual management solution and virtualized licensing model, we believe we have the most flexible, scalable and cost-effective WAN optimization solutions in the market.'”

Read the Full News Release at BusinessWire

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