Expand WAN Optimization Supports Server Consolidation

On the company’s website, Expand Networks announced that its advanced WAN Optimization has enabled a company-wide server consolidation project at Thompsons Solicitors, a personal injury practice in the UK. Thompsons embarked upon a server consolidation strategy to simplify its IT infrastructure and reduce costs across the organization, and Expand’s Accelerators are enhancing application and data performance for Thompsons’ 1000-strong workforce.

“Committed to protecting the user experience, IT operations manager, Andrew Harris understood that optimization would be a critical success factor from the outset. He sought a solution that would protect the increased volume of sensitive Citrix traffic, so vulnerable to WAN congestion. He explains:
‘We rely on the absolute performance of our WAN to deliver applications and business data to our distributed users’ desks quickly and securely. We ran a trial to test the impact of the consolidation in just one of our offices and quickly realized that building WAN optimization into the project was a must. Serving our remote locations via Citrix, we knew that being able to optimize and control this ICA traffic was key to the whole project.’”

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