Express Logic Announces Renesas Microcontroller Support

According to the company’s news release, Express Logic, Inc., has announced that Express Logic’s ThreadX RTOS now supports Renesas Technology’s SH-2A core-based SH7216 microcontroller (MCU).

“Designed for small footprint, demanding real-time control, the ThreadX RTOS is a perfect match for the SH7216, an integrated connectivity chip targeting real-time control applications. Express Logic’s support technology—NetX TCP/IP and USB Host/Device/OTG stacks—also supports the SH7216’s connectivity needs.

“Although its been introduced recently, the SH7216 has already become one of the most successful for Renesas, targeting connectivity and inverter markets. It features communication interfaces such as Ethernet, CAN and USB along with 72 different connectivity options, giving developers maximum flexibility for their device, package, performance needs. Its inverter capabilities feature two dedicated timer units, each capable of automatic deadtime insertion, deadtime optimization and automatic synchronization with the analog-to-digital converter making it suitable for solar, motor control or other inverter applications.”

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