Extreme Networks Launches Agile Data Center Networking Products

Extreme Networks is moving forward with its new Agile Data Center strategy, which includes hardware and software, to help improve the state of networking.

The Agile Data Center model brings automation and management capabilities that benefit from analytics and are accelerated by new hardware. Among the components is the Extreme StackStorm IT automation platform, the Extreme Management Center and Extreme Analytics.

“Our Agile Data Center portfolio is primarily based on acquired assets from Brocade with Extreme technology — specifically Brocade data center hardware and software assets, and Extreme’s management, analytics and security software — which gives us the ability to offer organizations a powerful data center solution,” Dan DeBacker, Extreme’s director of data center product management, told EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet. “Combined with Avaya’s campus asset acquisition, Extreme now has a full end-to-end network solution that can be automated and managed, from the wireless edge to the data center core.”

Extreme Networks acquired Brocade’s enterprise networking assets in October 2017 in a deal valued at $55 million. The Avaya IP enterprise networking assets were acquired several months earlier in July 2017 as part of a $100 million deal.


The StackStorm automation technology itself was originally acquired by Brocade in March 2016. Part of the StackStorm platform is the Workflow Composer, which includes components for network lifecycle automation, including initial provisioning and validation to troubleshooting and auto-remediation.

“StackStorm has continued to grow and evolve under the Extreme brand — both organically and inorganically,” DeBacker said. “It is targeted at the DevOps community, and there have been numerous upgrades to the platform since bringing it into the Extreme family, including new automation and workflow features and overall functionality.”

Extreme Management Center

The Extreme Management Center (XMC) is another core element of the Agile Data Center model. DeBacker explained that XMC is now adding the ability to manage all of Extreme’s data center products. As a result, XMC provides integrated management across the Extreme Networks data center portfolio, he said.

“We’ve even added the ability to integrate third-party technology from VMware and others via ExtremeConnect,” DeBacker said. “Further, ExtremeAnalytics provides the application telemetry capability to analyze end-to end application flows from the wireless/wired edge, across the campus and into the data center.”

HardwareExtreme Networks switch

As part of the Agile Data Center announcement, Extreme Networks is launching new hardware including the new SLX 9030 Top of Rack switch and the SLX 9640 router.

The SLX 9030 is a 48-port fixed 1/10/40/100GbE top-of-rack leaf switch that can provide up to 1.76 Tbps of throughput. The SLX 9640 router supports 24 ports of dual mode 10 GbE/1 GbE and 12 ports of dual mode 100 GbE/40 GbE.

Intent-Based Networking

Over the past year, other networking vendors, including Cisco, have been pushing the idea of Intent-Based Networking, which isn’t something that Extreme Networks is talking about — yet.

“This announcement is focused on what we are delivering right now and lays the groundwork for solutions that will enable new capabilities unlocking the data center as a key component for our customers’ digital transformation journey,” DeBacker said. “Look for more details on our strategic intentions in the near future around intent-based networking, artificial intelligence and machine learning, among other topics.”

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at EnterpriseNetworkingPlanet and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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