F5 and Infoblox Offer Secure DNS Solution

F5 Networks and Infoblox have partnered to develop a solution that aims to simplify and speed up deployment of the Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC). According to the company’s news release, F5 and Infoblox will deliver a fully integrated and complete DNSSEC solution that includes high-performance DNS and global server load balancing functions, all supporting signed DNSSEC data.

“‘DNSSEC adoption has been hampered by concerns over the operational complexity with provisioning encryption keys and the processing overhead required to sign DNS information,’ said Jon Oltsik, Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. ‘Additionally, customers haven’t had a seamless DNSSEC architecture option for global server load balancing and standard DNS, so they’ve had to choose between either deploying reliable intelligent DNS systems or securing their DNS infrastructure with DNSSEC. With the F5 and Infoblox solution, customers no longer need to compromise.’

“‘This joint solution changes the game for DNS infrastructure deployments by advancing the security and integrity of both government and enterprise sites,’ said Jason Needham, Senior Director of Product Management at F5. ‘F5 welcomes this alliance with Infoblox. By combining two mission-critical DNS control points, the leaders in ADN and the DDI space allow customers to reap the benefits of an agile deployment architecture with layered security and simplified management.'”

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