Fabric Convergence in the Data Center

Fabric convergence in the data center is upon us, and is yet another of many recurring IT convergence trends that will alter the IT infrastructure. As reported in this InfoStor article, as with prior convergence trends, fabric (or network) convergence holds tremendous promise, and will similarly alter the architecture of enterprise IT services while delivering new levels of cost effectiveness, flexibility, and capabilities within the infrastructure. These new capabilities will be a driving force behind adoption, as converged fabrics will address the challenging demands of the consolidated, virtualized data center, for which legacy networks are a mismatch.

“An intersection of benefits and innovation is making it inevitable that yet another cycle of convergence will transform the data center. Let’s take a look at the benefits of convergence, how it looks in action today, and how fabric convergence is setting the stage for innovation within the IT infrastructure — on top of a single, unified wire.

“In the simplest terms, convergence is the collapse of previously separate technologies into a single solution. Today, fabric convergence refers to the merging of Fibre Channel, Ethernet and, in some cases, InfiniBand traffic onto a single network or fabric.”

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