Finisar to Demonstrate Flexgrid WSS Technology

Finisar Corporation (FNSR) will be demonstrating several new technologies and products at the European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communications, as reported on Market Watch. Included in these demonstrations is Flexgrid technology, a fully functional Board Mounted Optical Engine for telecom networks. Operating at 240 Gb/s with a SONET/SDH SFP+ transceiver, this technology is aimed at next=generation ROADMs.

“Flexgrid Technology Flexgrid will be demonstrated for the first time as a software capability of the new WaveManager Application Suite, part of the WaveShaper family of Programmable Optical Processors. Introduced earlier this month, Flexgrid enables dynamic control of channel center frequency and channel bandwidth within a WSS, from 50 GHz to 200 GHz in 12.5 GHz steps, with no penalty on performance. It is specifically designed for bandwidth-efficiency as carriers move to higher data rates in next-generation telecommunication networks.
‘Verizon looks forward to Finisar’s next-generation flexible grid WSS product and we anticipate working with them as system suppliers integrate this type of technology into future line systems,’ said Glenn Wellbrock, Director of Backbone Network Design at Verizon. “

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