FireScope Announces Dynamic Network Topology Mapping

AAn announcement by FireScope on  Centre Times Daily indicates the availability of a dynamic network topology mapping feature. Traditional topology mapping products generate static images or Visio diagrams but FireScope’s solution utilizes Web 2.0 technologies which provide users with interactive maps of their network to explore granular details while using FireScope’s powerful event engine to include real-time event status and performance metrics. This ability to drill down and explore networks provides actionable intelligence for IT operators.

“‘We’ve seen too many organizations basing critical decisions on out-dated Visio diagrams that lead to disastrous results,’ said Steve Cotton, CEO of ireScope. ‘Static diagrams just don’t cut it in the modern data center, where topology can radically change in seconds due to virtualization, private cloud architectures and automation.’
The FireScope network topology feature requires only a subnet and SNMP credentials to begin querying network devices for their connected assets and configuration. A typical class-C network takes just minutes to map. User-specified intervals determine the period between subsequent scans to refresh the map. Additionally, this feature makes use of FireScope’s innovative service modeling to add an operational dimension to the generated maps.

Read the Full Story at Centre Daily Times

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