Firetide Announces 802.11n MIMO Access Points

Firetide has recently announced new 802.11n
MIMO indoor and outdoor access points and wireless LAN controller solution.
According to the company’s news release, the new Firetide products – Firetide WLAN Controller (FWC 2050), indoor dual-radio
802.11n MIMO access point (Hotpoint 5100), and outdoor dual-radio access point (HotPoint 5200) – bring the high performance and reliability for real-time voice, video and data applications.

“Firetide currently offers industry leading price performance non-MIMO access points, the HotPoint 4100 indoor and HotPoint 4200 outdoor access points, supporting 802.11a/b/g. The new dual-radio 802.11n HotPoint 5100 indoor and HotPoint 5200 outdoor access points provide attractive price performance, high capacity, and enterprise scalability. The Firetide FWC 2050 WLAN controller is easy to deploy and manage. The FWC 2050 auto discovers and auto connects the HotPoint access points. Once deployed, it will automatically load balance the entire wireless LAN network, and will continuously monitor the radio channels and dynamically make adjustments to optimize network performance at all times.”

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