GarrettCom Offers Shock-Absorbing Ethernet Switch

GarrettCom has recently announced that the newest member of the industrial-grade Magnum Switches product line, the Magnum 6KM Mobile Ethernet Switch, is purpose-built to withstand shock and vibration in harsh mobile environments. In its product statement, the company states that possible applications are wide-ranging and include in-carriage networking of IP-enabled infotainment systems, robotics, security and surveillance systems, and mobile network devices on trains, mobile command centers, light rail and busses, as well as passenger accommodation technology in a variety of scenarios.

“‘Ethernet switches, are ones with standard RJ-45 ports, which do not stand up well to continuous vibration,’ said Lee House, GarrettCom’s CTO. ‘With the 6KM, GarrettCom has uniquely combined the features of its hardened Ethernet switches, which stand up to extremes of temperature, dust and dirt, corrosion, power surges and electromagnetic interference, with rugged M12 ports to withstand vibration and shock in an affordable package for many types of mobile applications.'”

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