Get to Know Your network With WhatsConnected

Keeping track of devices, servers and connections within sprawling environments is a challenge for enterprises, especially
when virtualization involved. In an article on Network World, Ipswitch’s Network Management Division announced its infrastructure discovery tool WhatsConnected is now available as a stand alone product. Aimed at mid and large-sized enterprises, WhatsConnected provides Layer 2 and 3 discovery which enables network managers to quickly find and map devices, servers, VMware virtual machines, virtual LANs and port-to-port connectivity.

“As an example of the tool’s benefits, he relates a recent troubleshooting event related to him by the network administrator at one of TransNet’s installations, a large regional high school district in New Jersey.
‘Using another tool, the network administrator saw that somebody was abusing network privileges by doing a lot of streaming. Using WhatsConnected, he mapped to IP address to the MAC address and found exactly who — mind you this is across five high schools — the user was in a matter of hours,’ Seligman says. ‘He said he was bowled over by the capabilities.'”

Read the Full Story at Network World

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