Gigamon Announces Entry-Level Enterprise Switch

Gigamon has announced availability of its new entry-level data access s, designed for enterprise networks and data centers.
As stated in the company's news release on EON, the GigaVUE-212 aggregates, replicates, filters and load divides traffic flows across multiple passive monitoring tools at a fraction of the cost of similar devices.

“At a much lower entry price level, the switch supports eight 1GE ports and two 10GE ports with an optional expansion module for support of another four 1GE ports. The GigaVUE-212 is ideal for data centers and enterprises who either require a low-cost option in order to enhance their network monitoring for the first time, or who have areas of their networks where they need lower port counts to support comprehensive monitoring.

“With support for plug-in of multiple out-of-band tools, the GigaVUE-212 enables enterprises and data centers to connect any tool to any data stream unobtrusively while enabling aggregation, replicating, filtering and load balancing of multiple data streams. By integrating the GigaVUE-212 Switch into their networks, data centers and enterprises can achieve immediate return on investment (ROI) by consolidating distributed tools and reducing management expense. Additionally, the GigaVUE-212 provides for accurate measurement of time sensitive protocols and quality of service (QoS), a reduction in packet loss to improve monitoring fidelity and support for continuous monitoring and scalable growth with hot-swap modules.”

Read the news release at EON

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