Google Suggests a Better Data Center Network

According to Google researchers, numerous studies have shown that data center computers rarely operate at full utilization. This report takes an in-depth look at Google’s exploration and research on how to build energy-efficient data center networks that use power proportional to the data that gets transmitted throughout the network.

“Several Google researchers recently authored a paper, ‘Energy Proportional Datacenter Networks,’ in which they propose several new methods of data center network designs. The methods pertain to the large clusters of 10,000 or more servers used by companies like Google and could result in significant energy and cost savings. In their paper, the research team demonstrated an 85% power reduction in a simulated energy proportional network.

“‘Basically, what Google is talking about is taking the application load and translating it through sophisticated math models into capacity requirements and then adjusting the load to those requirements,’ says Clemens Pfeiffer, chief technology officer at Power Assure (, which makes software that uses algorithms to automatically adjust network capacity.”

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