Google Wants Enterprises to Embrace Buzz

Not one to leave any market untapped, Google has announced it will start rolling Buzz, a platform for social sharing, out to all Gmail accounts. As mentioned in the PC World report, Google
believes that Google Buzz could provide value in an enterprise.

“The ability to collaborate in real-time is an aspiration for many enterprise solutions. Unified communications platforms like Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 integrate with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Live Meeting, and other tools to enable peers and partners to work together online in real-time. Google Docs also strives to deliver real-time collaboration, and Google recently acquired AppJet to redefine real-time updates and improve the responsiveness of Google Docs.

“Google incorporated real-time Twitter results into searches on the Google Search Appliance back in December. Google product manager Cyrus Mistry stated Social information is important for businesses: employees searching for information needed to do their jobs benefit from real-time news too. They might be developing a new breakfast cereal, or designing a marketing plan for a clothing line, or writing strategy report for a political campaign. In all of these cases, understanding what is being said just as Twitter users are saying it can be invaluable.”

Read the Full Story at PC World

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