Gordmans Relies On Sourcefire

In a release on the company’s website, Sourcefire, Inc. (FIRE) announced Gordmans (GMAN) is using the Sourcefire IPSTM to deliver the increased network visibility necessary to help enforce internal policies, mitigate threats and proactively address potential network issues. Gordmans is an Omaha-based apparel and home décor retailer with 68 stores in 16 primarily Midwestern states who is using Sourcefire to secure systems and data on its core network and assist with compliance efforts for regulation.

“‘Having recently become a publicly-traded company, Gordmans is heavily focused on utilizing security solutions that offer leading protection, while reducing our operational overhead,’ said Derek Pecka, Information Security Manager at Gordmans Stores. ‘Sourcefire has cut our IPS management and monitoring tasks in half and delivers the intelligence needed to precisely tune our protection and enforce policies.’
In addition to the Sourcefire IPS, Gordmans is using Sourcefire RNA to gain greater visibility into its network. With RNA, Gordmans created a baseline of expected network activity, so that it can configure the IPS to alert on deviations from that baseline, including configuration issues and policy violations. Since its deployment, RNA has enabled the company to identify and address issues that could create significant security issues, including traffic anomalies, rogue devices, unapproved services and application misuse.”

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