How to Prepare For a Network Security Audit

Network security audits are getting a lot of coverage thanks to standards like SOX, PCI-DSS, and HIPAA.
According to this report on Katonda, even if you don’t need to comply with these standards, business relationships with partners or customers may require you to show that your network is secure. This firewall audit checklist provides the steps of a typical audit process.

“However, beyond compliance requirements, firewall audits are best practice for a very good reason. They increase your chances of catching weaknesses in your network security posture and finding places your policies need to be adapted. They also help prove you have been doing your due diligence in reviewing your security controls and policy controls, should you ever need to respond to a lawsuit, breach or regulatory issue that call your security standards into question.”

Read the Full “Preparing For A Firewall Audit” Story at Katonda

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