IBM Adds Firewall to Intrusion Prevention System Technology

According to this report on CIO Update, IBM is releasing an update for its Intrusion Prevention System technology that adds Web Application Firewall (WAF) features to traditional IPS capabilities. Also mentioned in this report is that IBM’s IPS technology comes from its ISS security assets, which were acquired in 2006 by IBM for $1.3 billion.

“Officially, the update is named the IBM Network Intrusion Prevention firmware 4.1, and is available as an update for IBM physical hardware appliances as well as virtual software appliances. The firmware runs on top of an IBM enhanced Linux operating system distribution, according to Ostrowski.

“IPS technology can typically be run in either detection or blocking mode. Detection mode is where inbound network threats are identified, but not acted upon, while blocking mode blocks threats based on policy. With the new release, IBM is helping IT managers to bridge the gap between the two modes, providing users in a detection simulation mode with a way of simply creating new policies for threats.”

Read the Full “IBM Adds Firewall to IPS Product” Story at CIO Update

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