IDAs Slice Data, Boost Network Security

Information dispersal algorithms (IDAs) are used to slice data into pieces at the bit level so that when data traverses the network or sits in storage arrays, it is unrecognizable unless accessed by a user/device with the right key.
According to this Search Networking report, IDAs can be used in storage arrays and for data in motion.

“The Unisys Stealth Solution uses a combination of VPN, encryption and data-parsing technology to make data unrecognizable both in storage arrays and as it travels the network. Stealth appliances place proprietary headers on TCP/IP packets, encrypt them and then slice the data. The data can be reassembled only when accessed by a user with the correct key. Unisys’ data parsing and authentication technique is implemented between the data link and network layer of OSI stack. Stealth can also be used to store sliced data among differing storage arrays.”

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