Infinera Demonstrates 100 Gigabit Ethernet

Infinera claims it has successfully demonstrated 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GigE) transmission using pluggable CFP optical transceiver modules from multiple vendors, including Reflex Photonics and Santur. According to the company in its most recent press release on CNN Money, Infinera is working towards developing commercial systems that can meet service provider and enterprise needs for 100 GigE services.

“Infinera is demonstrating 100 GigE transmission on the Infinera DTN optical system using Reflex Photonics’ 100GBASE-SR10 pluggable CFP optical transceiver modules. Reflex’s transceivers are compliant with the IEEE 802.3ba draft standard and are designed to deliver a 100 GigE signal over multi-mode fiber for short distances of up to 100 meters. In a separate demonstration, Infinera is transmitting a 100 GigE signal using Santur’s 10 channel WDM pluggable CFP optical transceiver modules. Santur’s modules are designed to support single-mode fiber over distances of up to 10 kilometers. These demonstrations are using today’s Infinera DTN, equipped with Infinera’s latest prototype 100 GigE tributary interface module, fully compliant with the most recent IEEE 802.3ba draft specification. EXFO’s portable FTB-85100G Packet Blazer is also a key contributor, providing reliable and fully compliant 100 GigE testing capabilities for this demonstration.”

Read the News Release at CNN Money

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