Infoblox, Netcordia Integrate Networking Solutions

Domain Name System servers manufacturer, Infoblox has announced that it has acquired Netcordia, a provider of network change and configuration management software. As reported in this eWeek story, the deal brings together companies with products responsible for increasingly important data center management functions: NCCM and DDI—an acronym for the combination of DNS, DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) and IPAM (Internet Protocol Address Management).

“Another example of what the new Infoblox will be able to do as a result of adding Netcordia is that when an unknown or unexpected IP address shows up on a network, Infoblox’s current software can detect it, but can’t do anything proactive about it. Using Netcordia’s discovery and search functions, Infoblox now will be able to trace and locate the IP address and remove it from the system, if necessary.

“‘I was surprised to hear this. Most of the consolidation in the space has taken place at the hands of the larger platform suite vendors, who have selected NCCM technologies to sort of fill in their portfolios of solutions,’ Jim Frey, a senior analyst with Enterprise Management associates, told the conference call audience. ‘There has been a steady and unending increase in the rate of change in the network layer, driven in large part by virtualization and the cloud. Automation is really the only practical answer.'”

Read the Full Story at eWeek

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