Ingate Unveils Secure Enterprise SIP Products

In an announcement made on the company’s website, Ingate announced the release of two high-capacity products that enable secure SIP communications, the new Ingate SIParator 96 E-SBC and Ingate Firewall 2960. In an effort to meet the growing demand for Enterprise Session Border Controllers (E-SBCs) among large enterprises, these products offer SIP trunking and Unified Communications beyond the protected enterprise network.

“‘Businesses are accelerating their adoption of SIP trunking and are beginning to expand their use of SIP to Unified Communications,’ said Steven Johnson, President, Ingate Systems. ‘This is generating a demand for proven solutions like Ingate’s E-SBCs that can handle the rise in SIP usage. Ingate’s new Firewalls and SIParators meet the capacity needs of businesses of every size at an affordable price.'”

Read the Full Release on the company’s website at

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