Insider Threats to the Corporate Network

Considered a greater risk and potential danger than other types of employees, rogue database, network or systems administrators can become the very insider threat that the IT department is supposed to be guarding against.  As reported on PC World, these employees have the ability to inflict damage
by doing such things as planting logic bombs to destroy data, peeking at sensitive information they know is off limits, stealing data or setting up secret access for themselves.

“Sometimes IT workers are pushed by demanding users, such as business and sales managers, to perform tasks in a hurry or to violate official IT policy by, for instance, adding printers on network segments where that’s not allowed.
One main concern about privileged access is making sure that IT workers have appropriate access only to the resources they need even as their job function may change. In North America alone, Computershare has about 100 IT workers with privileged access to IT resources who undergo monthly “entitlement reviews” to make sure their access to systems and data is appropriate to the function of their role.”

Read the Full Story at PC World

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